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DSC02508Traveling abroad with friends or a loved one can be very fun and rewarding. However, once you add children to the mix things can change.  After traveling abroad this past decade with our children we have learned certain things that may help you plan your trip. These are our top four go-to items that we always consider first when planning our trips with our kids.



  Keeping children entertained and quiet in a small space for a long period of time can be almost impossible. Having  your children sleep most of the flight is a huge plus. This is why we always try to find a late flight to our destination. With the kids bedtime being around 9pm, it’s ideal to find a flight that will be in the air around that time.


We always try to go to a place that has a direct flight available. Although direct flights may cost a bit more than a flight that has a stop or two, the savings may not be worth it. This is a huge thing to consider when traveling with young kids. An already long 8 hour flight can easily turn into a 15 hour+ ordeal.


DSC02844After we pick our destination,  it’s time to pick where we will stay. If you have young kids it’s best to find a centralized apartment or hotel in the heart of town. Kids come with lots of baggage, weather it’s diapers, baby bottles, snacks or toys, they all have to come out with you. We have found that booking a place that is close to everything we need is the best way to go. Finding taxis with car seats is not very easy and taking a bus with your carriages, bags and children is no easy feat.


IMG_5677This is a tough one. How can you pick a place to make jet lag work for you?  As I said before, our kids fall asleep around 9pm. Wouldn’t it be great to try to keep them on their same schedule? Many  places outside the US have a different take on evenings out. In most of the Mediterranean for instance restaurants usually open around 8pm and the streets are filled with people till around 2am or later. While most of us in the US are getting ready for bed many parts of the world are just starting their night out. This is why going to Europe works to our advantage. 9pm (US time) is 3am (EU time). Perfect! Just as we come strolling in at 3am from a wonderful family night out, the kids are right on schedule for bed time. Happy kids, Happy parents!

Happy Travels!

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